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Hong Kong, 30 May 2018 – Genting Cruise Lines (GCL), a division of Genting Hong Kong comprising of Dream Cruises, Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises, organized the first ever Safe Piloting and Techniques Seminar in Shenzhen, China along with the China Maritime Pilots' Association (CMPA), Shenzhen Pilots (SZP), and Hong Kong Pilots Association (HKPA). Taking place 24th – 25th May 2018, the 2-day event gathered together the international maritime community in an exchange of ideas centering on Safe Piloting and Techniques for Cruise Ships.

Over 100 guests participated in the seminar, including professionals and captains from major international cruise companies, pilot agencies from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, guests from the Ministry of Transport of the P.R.C, local governments, industry organizations, cruise port operators and consulting research institutes. The stellar line-up of speakers at the seminar featured Mr. Chen Ying, Deputy Director of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Lou He Ru, Vice Chairman of the Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Chen Jian Hua, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CMPA, Mr. Li Guan Hua, Chairman of HKPA and Mr. Lim Jiun Yan, Senior Vice President of GCL.

“Many cruise companies are now operating multiple routes in mainland China to meet the market demands and GCL is proud and honoured to be given the opportunity to co-host this event which brings together key stakeholders to participate at this important information sharing platform,“ said Mr. Lim Jiun Yan, Senior Vice President of the GCL. Coming from the perspective of a cruise operator, Mr. Lim shared ideas and suggestions on how cruise ship supervision, pilotage and operations at multi-destination ports can be improved while ensuring that safety is not compromised.

The comprehensive discussions held during the seminar were rich in content, covering a wide range of topics including simulation studies, the responsibilities of pilots, comparisons between new cruise ships equipped with Azipods and conventional cruise ships using propellers, as well as the setup of the bridge team for navigation of ships. The nine invited speakers shared their respective knowledge and experiences to stimulate active debate and open discussions between captains and pilots were seen throughout the event, further strengthening the bond and understanding between both parties.

Mr. Lou He Ru, Vice Chairman of the Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality commented that the safe entry and exit of the cruise ships can only be achieved with perfect cooperation between captains and pilots. The selection of Shenzhen as the event venue also reiterated the commitment and desire by the Shenzhen Port to establish itself as a major cruise port while also improving its pilotage service standards. He believes that the seminar, with the participation of the industry experts will broaden horizons, expand ideas and promote the safe and efficient pilotage of cruise ships.

Mr. Chen Jian Hua, Executive Vice President of CMPA pointed out that, although the focus of the seminar was on cruise pilotage techniques, it has attracted participants from industry organizations, cruise port operators, consulting research institutions and other pilot agencies. This demonstrates that the topic of safe cruise pilotage is one that everyone is paying close attention to in the cruise economy today. Mr. Chen also stressed that the discussions should be “people centric” and go hand in hand with the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives, requiring pilots to fully understand the capabilities of propulsion devices on mega size cruise vessels, to master the special requirements and precautionary measures for safe entry and exit, to improve the pilots and captains’ skillsets, to strive to improve the service quality of cruise pilotage and enhance the safety of cruise ships in China ports.

Mr. Li Guan Hua, Chairman of HKPA, further commented that through the discussions, he believes that participants will better understand the characteristics of new cruise ships resulting in enhancement of communications and cooperation between the pilots and captains. Along with the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou Nansha, Shenzhen Shekou and Hong Kong will do their utmost to provide high-quality and safe pilotage services for mega cruise ships that homeport in the Greater Bay Area.

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